Reduce Your Custom boxes costs

Reduce custom boxes cost


OXO Packaging specializes in high-quality custom wholesale retail boxes of all kinds: custom pillow boxes, custom soap boxes, custom cigarette packaging, custom bakery boxes, custom pizza boxes and custom display boxes, these are available in cardboard with logo printed and die cut. According to your products size and shape, we offer customization, chose size, shape and colors.

At OXO custom wholesale bakery boxes, custom cupcake boxes, custom muffin boxes, custom truffle boxes, custom cereal boxes, custom burger boxes, custom popcorn boxes, custom donut boxes, custom macaron boxes, custom cookie boxes, custom pastry boxes and custom candy boxes come in various size, shape and colors. These food boxes worthy presentation for the finest bakery products.

Industrial and Commercial Packaging

OXO Packaging offers a variety of styles industrial and commercial boxes according to your products size, shape and colors. These are listed below;

Custom Cigarette boxes

Custom window boxes

Custom kraft boxes

Custom plain boxes

Custom display boxes

Custom medicine boxes

Custom full-color boxes

Custom sleeve boxes

If you have product related to boxes then just send us the request for pricing. If you need help for choosing a style size or any packaging consultants’ just call us +1 510-500-9533 will be happy to assist you.

Custom window boxes in the cardboard can tell a customer many things. It can tell you what a product look likes, the colors and the effect of a product which in some cases is enough to encourage the customers to purchase the said product, but not always.

Affordable custom box packaging solutions to industries

Such as: Grocery and consumer product boxes packaging supplies, cosmetic, health, personal care, medicine, candle, soap, sports, tobacco, pillow, entertainment, retail, software, storage, bakery, beverage, food, chocolate, cereal, pizza, display, inserts, jewellery gift, restaurants, die cut, window, apparel, appliances, automotive, household and bottle necker sporting goods as well as other consumer categories. The high efficiency of our manufacturing processes means OXO can minimize production cost and aggressively utilize our cost reduce pricing strategy.

OXO Packaging where quality never compromised commitment to customer highly satisfaction is our winning marketing strategy to many years of customer loyalty and outstanding customer ratings.

Reduce Custom Pillow Boxes Costs:

reduce cost

Custom pillow boxes now become popular in recent years. At OXO we have great options to choose from and can fastest deliver them complete with your company bio and logo printed. Quick looking pillow boxes are the perfect way to make a great impression, we can help you every step of manufacturing.

Reduce Custom Kraft Boxes;

These boxes can be customized in all sizes and shapes because of the regular use of recycled material in the manufacture of custom kraft boxes. They are popular among the people. These are very user-friendly in addition to eco-friendly boxes.

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