IB Diploma Program- All You Want to Know about It

IB Diploma Program- All You Want to Know about It

Though IB program of education is for all students who are in schools that are associated with this program, the diploma program is only for the students from 16 to 19. IB diploma program is based on the depth of knowledge that the students can acquire by obtaining the diploma course. It is a gamut of international education that inspires the students to achieve great academic level also encourages them to establish themselves with their leading career. Not only their academic excellence, but IB program can help students to grow personally, mentally and emotionally. Go through the IB sample papers to know what type of questions they have in exams. Thus, you can get a knowledge about the diploma course structure under IB curriculum.

The Diploma Program Curriculum

The DP curriculum of IB course is made of six subject groups along with the DP core. Usually, it comprises of creativity, the theory of knowledge, activity and extended essay with service. The DP core is there to concentrate on the nature of knowledge that leads towards complete independent research. They often needed to take a project that includes community services. There are three core components of the DP program of IB course-

  • Theory of Knowledge– Here, the students learn the true nature of knowledge and also delve deep to know the source of your knowledge.
  • Creativity, Activity and Service– Here, the students make a project on the basis of their learning through the program.
  • The Extended Essay– Here, the students need to write an essay on a chosen topic by themselves which should be within 4000 words. The essay must be independent and self-directed.

Apart from the core subjects, there are a group of six subjects, those are-

  • Studies in language and literature
  • The arts
  • Language acquisition
  • Mathematics
  • Individual and societies
  • Sciences

How to Choose Subjects in Diploma Program

You already know about the subject options you can get in the diploma course of IB programme. Now, it is the time to choose subjects according to their choice. From the above group, students may go for an additional science, language course, individuals of society, etc. instead of choosing a course from the group ‘The Arts’. There are two types of subjects students can choose from-

  • The Higher Level subjects
  • The Standard Level subjects

The subjects under these groups may differ in scopes, but they are all graded equally and students need to know the subjects in detail so that they can grab knowledge, skill and a higher level of understanding. All students need to take minimum three subjects at a higher level while the remaining subjects can be taken as standard level. In the standard level, you have to take up 150 teaching hours while the higher level takes 240 teaching hours.

So far, you got enough idea about IB diploma course. If you are interested in it and want to go deeper to learn certain exquisite things on the subject, you should go for the course. It will also bring more opportunities in your career later. For better ideas, you can go through sample question paper for IB.

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