Home & Commercial Internet in Oman

Broadband started out as a generic term for high-speed internet connection. Broadband is a literal term for broad bandwidth that offers faster data communication in limited time. Usual types of broadband internet connections available in Oman are:

  • ADSL
  • Cable
  • Satellite

The latest, faster paced wireless mobile internet services and fiber optic internet made a late appearance in Oman though. The first fibre broadband service in Oman was launched by AWASR in 2016, offering two types of internet connections available in packages of many service features:

  1. Home broadband internet packages (FTTH: Fibre to the Home)
  2. Business broadband internet packages (FTTB: Fibre to the Business)

Why do you need fibre broadband high-speed internet choices for your Home & Businesses?

	Fiber optic internet service

Internet in Oman took its time evolving to the present stage. Fiber internet is the latest internet broadband technology being offered in the Sultanate. Wonder how is it a better alternative to the usual cable or satellite internet for your homes and businesses? Here is how:

  • Fibre broadband is faster and offers a higher bandwidth to the customers of both residential and commercial usage.
  • Fiber optic internet service, unlike cable internet, is not a fire hazard as it cannot conduct electricity.
  • Fiber optic internet service has a lower data loss rate over long distance, unlike cable network that loses almost over 90% of the data.
  • Fibre broadband connection at AWASR is available at many packages for the convenience of private and business users.
  • You can upstream or download unlimited data with an uninterrupted internet connection.
  • Internet connections keep you in communication with the rest of the world, you can find a whole new world of entertainment, information, education etc. through your fibernet connections. Businesses can find new business prospects and communicate with them for more profits.

The advantages are not limited to these mentions above. You can reach us by subscribing on our website to get all the exciting latest offers at AWASR.

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