Hair Transplant Surgery

There are many people suffering from hair loss and baldness problems. The main cause of baldness is the lack of nutrition and pollution in the hair. Due to diet and routine, hair starts falling prematurely, due to which the hair becomes white too.

Hair surgery is like a boon for the victims of baldness. Many people are taking advantage of this from Hair Transplant. Males are more likely to have baldness than women. The problem of baldness is called androgenic allopath in therapeutic language. Male hormone testosterone also plays a role in men’s hair follicle disappear, bald men generally have high level of testosterone.

Hair Transplant Surgery


Hair surgeries

Doctor in Hair Transplant Surgery, where there is baldness on the skin of your head, there are small hair grenades pieces of skin with active pores. In recent years, the technique of hair transplant has improved significantly. If it is done properly, its results appear natural, whereas in the past years, the transplanted hair grew only in the straight line.

Results can be seen in less than a year, but more than one need is needed for complete surgery and between nine to twelve months intervals between each sitting. This surgery has a minor risk of infection as is done with any other surgery. But overall, this surgery is less risky and can be done only with the help of local anesthesia.

Scalp Reeducation

In this surgery, large parts of the head stained skin are removed. The parts of the skin of the skin of the head are spread and sewed together to remove headache. Scalp reductive surgery is not a good choice for the head skin because it reduces the skin’s flexibility of the skin.

Scalp flaps

In this surgery, a large portion of the hairline of the hair is lifted from the edges of the head and back and put forward. A side of the removed part of the head skin is allowed to stay connected to the skin of the head and the flap is folded to cover the bald part. It is highly detailed surgery. In this, after surgery, problems like bleeding, stains and infection can arise.

For this processor hair is removed from the back part of the head and hair transplant in the front portion where there is no hair. From where the hair is removed, the hair is extracted with the root, which contains the cells. After transplant, the cells become active and grow up there. There are two processors in it. Transplantation is also done by removing one hair, which takes a long time. Second, the hair is removed in the strip, which results in many hair coming together and then stitched again at that place, which later becomes heel.

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