Why Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Are Perfect For Your Future Wife

If your bride-to-be wants something a little out of the ordinary, then emerald cut engagement rings are perfect for her. As you already know humans are visual creatures and love to wear something that is classy and beautiful. Women love to wear something that causes that sought-after ‘gasp’ when she shows it off to her friends and this type of engagement ring will definitely promise only that. Emerald is a classy flair of diamond that attracts a great reaction, but without taking a huge bite out of your budget. If you have a small budget and would like to get your bride-to-be something that would make her feel loved and special then emerald cut engagement ring is the best option.

As the name suggests, an emerald cut engagement rings  is a cut in the panache that was initially used only for emeralds. Emeralds are fairly hard stones, but are well-known for having a huge number of internal flaws that appear naturally. These flaws cause emeralds to be awfully easy to break…which in turn makes cutting them fairly difficult. The key was to use a treaded, rectangular cut with cropped corners. It wasn’t long though until this cut was being used for diamonds among other stones.

While traditional round diamond cuts are magnificent, emerald cut engagement rings have more vivid flashes of light thus extra carry a beautiful look. It is a classy, beautiful ring in an extensive range of setting styles. Emerald cuts look particularly magnificent on long, tapered fingers.

Emerald cut engagement rings aren’t that expensive yet they carry an elegant look that is reserved for classy women only. Traditional round brilliant cut or trendy princess cut diamonds are usually expensive yet they are of the same quality as its emerald cut counterpart. The reason why emerald cut diamonds cost less than the more traditional types of diamond cuts is that they aren’t commonly chosen. While a round brilliant cut of the same carat weight and grading as emerald cut will cost around $1000 more.

If you want to pay courtesy to quality with this cut. Since the cut is so exposed, any flaws are much more apparent. You want at least a good grade, with a clarity of VS2 and a color rating of G. If you want an old-fashioned emerald cut engagement ring, get a stone with a width to length ratio of 1.5:1. Nevertheless, you can select from a selection of sizes and shapes, from more square to more rectangular.

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