10 Gifts To Help You Achieve Your Resolution in New Year 2018

new year resolutions 2018

Almost all of us welcome the New Year 2018 with resolutions that we promise ourselves that we’d stick to. However, it seldom happens that we actually follow through for more than two months at most. By the end of February, most of our energetically made resolutions are forgotten in the rush of our daily lives.

You can gift such pleasant reminders to your close ones this New Year and help them begin afresh and improve their lifestyle on a day to day basis. The new year gifts can be –

  1. For example, an engraved, personalized pen that reminded your close relatives to drink water in regular intervals would help them remain hydrated.
  2. A cute, desk clock that reminded your son or daughter to randomly call you and other family members once during the day would definitely spread smiles around you. Such little gestures mean a lot to those who love us because they always see the thought and effort behind the gift instead of monetary value.
  3. For the fitness freaks around you, there are a lot of gifts you could opt for. Personalized ones are all the rage now and for good reason too. From printed gym bottles to embossed yoga mats, you can gift your close ones as well as yourself a complete set to keep the fitness streak going year long.
  4. Tech options are also quite popular in the gifting section when it comes to keeping everyone motivated. Fitbits with stylized bands are also a good choice for reminding one about their goals.
  5. Watches have been a popular gifting option for ages now, but the trend setters have moved on to limited editions and personalized watches which will not just motivate you to be punctual, but also help you maintain good habits like consuming healthy food.
  6. We are always surrounded by gadgets, so why not gift useful gadgets? No wonder headsets are popular nowadays!
  7. For serious fitness goals that you have set for yourself, get a printed T-shirt that lets your friends and family know what you are up to!
  8. Set simple relationship rules that you intend to follow with your close ones, and use a reminder on personalized calendar to stick to them.
  9. Mobile back covers are amazing when it comes to reminders as these are always in our hands.
  10. Motivational books are the classic way to go which help in the long run, not just for a year.

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